Monday, July 6, 2015

Watch Ron Finley, MAD4: "Save Your Food Save Your Life"

Who came up with the idea of one person owning thousands of acres?

What genius decided they had the "Divine" right to Manifest mass acres for only a few families?

Where did the concept of lush green lawns of grass come from?

Just because someone says it is a good idea, does not mean that it's true.

Who benefits from a minutely tended lawn of green grass that has never had a hoof in it? 

Can people eat grass, and thrive?

Now, the revolution is here.

We are thinking for ourselves.

Unplugging, unburdening commercials and brightly colored shots of malls, models and stuff.
We need to eat.

We want to eat health.

We need to want to need to get knee deep, elbow deep in soil.

We demand green spaces to feed bodies, souls and all hunger.

The revolution is here.

Grow our own money, Grow our own food, Grow our own energy, This is our new economy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Online Activity: Students Become Scientists by Applying Observation Skills to Mars Geology

(ARYASLA Blog post maybe)

2014 SRP - Summer Reading Program 2014 =  "Fizz, Boom, Bang" "Spark a Reaction," and for Adults; "Literary Elements"

Although this article is geared toward "Kids", don't let the term "kids" limit your desire to learn and/or teach. 

Summer Reading programming is busting into pre-launch. Are you scrambling for materials?, has your library budget been limited?, have you been defunded?. I hope that is not the case, but if so, let me share my wealth of free resources with you.

An Example: Online Activity: Students Become Scientists by Applying Observation Skills to Mars Geology

The above article comes from The United States of America has this great site., where daily there is new information and links to resources. There is always something new to find. 

Resources are available for teachers and libraries, all you have to do is sign up.

The example article was chosen for several reasons:

  1. Any student interested in the sciences will need a few basics to get started. A scientist must begin the journey of knowledge with a Field Book. The article; "Students Become Scientists by Applying Observation Skills", begins with the Field Book. Students make / create their own field book to get started.
  2. The linked article is interactive. 
  3. This article is about using the scientific method for learning about the geography of the planet Mars.
  4. As the "Kid" moves through the activity, they are given smaller tasks to complete. They are READing, learning geographic terminology, and gaining skills in language.
  5. Color photographs of outcrops and cuts to geologic formations on Earth help make the term lateral disposition something they can visualize.
  6. The next sub-set activity takes the learner out into space viewing our solar system through the Hubble Telescope. 
  7. From the vastness of space, the new scientist explores Mars from a telescope. Each drop of grain, any moisture, or evidence of heat pressure give clues to life on any planet. 
  8. Knowing how to identify Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous rock types gives students an advantage in science. In this exercise they are explained in an easy and fun manner.
  9. For any kids, teachers or libraries interested in doing more with science, go to
  10. As a scientist who learned much of this in my Senior year of college, I can see how this and other interactive games from can help learners and educators. This is our tax dollars at work. Thank you.
Mix up a little science, with some valuable old books; what do you have? A Rare Book Conservator: 

(Rare Book Conservator - Career Spotlight  by - YouTube)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Giving a mention to a permaculture practicioner

Plane Shifter Magazine: Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability by M.Harland Editorial Director, and Willi Paul, EcoAlchemist.

To be honest, when I first started reading some of the philosophy discussed in this magazine, my hackles and feelers went up. I am a good nut, so I can call them, but as I continued to read, the discussion is truth based, and a truth that many do not want to face. The reason for mentioning this at all, is I ask that "level-headed, meat-n-potatoes thinkers will give it a read. There are many who do not understand permaculture, and permaculture design, it is the only way we will thrive. 

Permaculture: A Designers' Manual

Perhaps more people have an inkling as to what alchemy is, adding to the alchemists' resume, is that they are ecology based, spells good medicine for the Earth.

Foucault's Pendulum
 Perhaps the discussion happening in Planet Shifter Magazine ( is on a level of understanding not for the majority. 

 When all of the "0's" and "1's" come un-electrified, we will find ourselves elbow deep in dirt one way or another.

Always investigate, never follow a person blind, unless that person has proven to be trustworthy. Too much is at stake at this time. We must embrace the Mother Earth like never before. She is our planet. She is our habitat, she is our home. 

I only learned the term Permaculture in 2006. I was unemployed for a while, and became an expert on Yahoo Answers, where me and a handful of other environmental scientist raged a war against paid spammers and emo's, who tried to perpetrate the lies that Climate Change has nothing to do with mankind. It was always the same thing over and over. Lies that the increased Carbon is actually more healthy for our environment, and has nothing to do with greenhouse gases or inordinate warming, yada, yada, yada. It was brutal, because it was during the Years of Silence (Paretsky 2007). 

Writing in an Age of Silence

When you go to war with people, you combat an enemy. The reasons were certainly not for fortune, nor fame. Believe me, there was no smiling sunshine sponsor paying me to get on-line and spout about the environmental facts. Words that North Americans do not want to hear.  It is so easy to let BP Oil, and Exxon, all those fellows out there have it. They are the dealer, but dear Friends, here is the 911; we are the addicts. If we did not DEMAND gasoline, our Earth, our bodies and our futures would be healthier and happier. 

Environmental Science: A Global Concern

I made YA friends with these brave souls, we are still friends to this day, we have diversified, and two of them are still diligently at it. I admire them, but I have had to move on to other projects. I occasionally still throw in a punch or two, Answer a Question on Yahoo Answers.  

Subliminal Persuasion: Influence & Marketing Secrets They Don't Want You To Know

It was one of my comrades in arms who talked about Permaculture, gave me a link to the Austrailia Permaculture Institute, and it was around that time that I learned about Brad Lancaster, the water worker. Rainwater Harvesting, seeding water, using surface water, not running it down the drain. I "believed" in Permaculture before I believed anything else. It is spiritual. A person who has no love for the Earth, or other living things could never embrace Permaculture. Only because they could not understand stopping, and standing still - going slower.

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands Publisher: Rainsource PressRainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond Publisher: Rainsource Press

Thank you

Monday, February 28, 2011

Upstate New York Permaculture Gathering

Alchemical Nursery announces April 9, 2011 gathering in Rochester, NY(link)

Free All Ages Event! 
Opening - Welcome at noon - by Peter Turkow, co-founder of Rochester Green Living. com. followed by 5 major events, inspiring and exciting to the world of Permaculture, and to the Rochester communities.

Flyer for the April 9, 2011 Permaculture Gathering - All Ages Free Event! (link)

  • Live Music
  • Free Permaculture Exhibits
  • Free Permaculture instruction
  • 30 Vendors
Permaculture experts have agreed to offer their knowledge free of charge, there is usually a fee. Permaculture will be our survival, in 2011 and beyond.

Permaculture: A Designers' ManualGetting Started In Permaculture: 50 Practical Projects to Build and Design Productive Gardens

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This blog has a goal: To Unite like minded people and groups

It is vital that mankind begin to have more respect for his/her habitat.

We have been eating up the stories of how spaceships will somehow be able to load the bulk of humanity into these spaceships, settling us all nicely on planets that are, close to the same atmosphere as Earth.

The Caravel is symbolic of the gypsy traveler, Nomad, hobo, or Blues players who have ramblin' in their bones.

The Indigenous Peoples of the world, have knowledge of the time before Europeans came to North America, subjecting the Lands and all Critters in their paths.

The Indigenous Peoples, the People of the Land, Air, and Oceans, knew, to move about, following the path of Nature's creatures.

Lori J. Latimer aka LillyGrillzit/published as: earthenwarehaven/Earthenware Haven/Snoqualmieragingfallsfarm/GrizzlyTaxCaresandHelps - all rights reserved. Earthenwarehaven my made up name, created in 2006.