Sunday, February 27, 2011

This blog has a goal: To Unite like minded people and groups

It is vital that mankind begin to have more respect for his/her habitat.

We have been eating up the stories of how spaceships will somehow be able to load the bulk of humanity into these spaceships, settling us all nicely on planets that are, close to the same atmosphere as Earth.

The Caravel is symbolic of the gypsy traveler, Nomad, hobo, or Blues players who have ramblin' in their bones.

The Indigenous Peoples of the world, have knowledge of the time before Europeans came to North America, subjecting the Lands and all Critters in their paths.

The Indigenous Peoples, the People of the Land, Air, and Oceans, knew, to move about, following the path of Nature's creatures.

Lori J. Latimer aka LillyGrillzit/published as: earthenwarehaven/Earthenware Haven/Snoqualmieragingfallsfarm/GrizzlyTaxCaresandHelps - all rights reserved. Earthenwarehaven my made up name, created in 2006.

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