Monday, July 6, 2015

Watch Ron Finley, MAD4: "Save Your Food Save Your Life"

Who came up with the idea of one person owning thousands of acres?

What genius decided they had the "Divine" right to Manifest mass acres for only a few families?

Where did the concept of lush green lawns of grass come from?

Just because someone says it is a good idea, does not mean that it's true.

Who benefits from a minutely tended lawn of green grass that has never had a hoof in it? 

Can people eat grass, and thrive?

Now, the revolution is here.

We are thinking for ourselves.

Unplugging, unburdening commercials and brightly colored shots of malls, models and stuff.
We need to eat.

We want to eat health.

We need to want to need to get knee deep, elbow deep in soil.

We demand green spaces to feed bodies, souls and all hunger.

The revolution is here.

Grow our own money, Grow our own food, Grow our own energy, This is our new economy.

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